So, You’ve Decided to go Solar…What’s Next?

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Going Solar

So, You’ve Decided to go Solar…What’s Next?

After the final installation of your solar panels, you may begin to get anxious because you’re now connected to the grid…so what comes next?

Normally, after one to four weeks, the city or county is required to do a final inspection before your system can be connected to the grid. Depending on the backlog of solar inspections, the time of year and the sheer competence of your local government, the estimated time to complete this step is generally one to four weeks.

We understand that seeing your solar panels installed makes you feel like a kid on Christmas morning, but there’s still a bit of red tape left before you can cross the finish line – and that’s the bottom line. Your new solar system, aside from the aforementioned final inspection, needs to pass a series of safety tests with flying colors prior to enjoying those solar savings.

The last leg of the journey is incredibly important, but it can also take the most time; the key here is a solid line of communication between you and your solar installer during this period. When you rely on The Energy Company, for example, you’ll get texts and emails with details on your project’s process every step of the way, proving our commitment to customer service and ensuring our customer care specialists are always on standby to answer any questions you have.

We understand that all these steps, documents and permits might be making your head spin around like Linda Blair in The Exorcist…but that’s why we’ve created this blog with everything you need to know about the final three steps of your solar journey.

  1. Get Permission to Operate (PTO)

Before you can turn on your shiny new solar system for good, you need to get permission to operate (or PTO for short). The next few steps in the PTO process include passing an inspection by your local building department, digitally signing your application for PTO to be submitted to your utility company and getting your net meter installed by the same utility company.

  1. Sign Up for System Monitoring

Around the time you get permission to operate, you can sign up for services that monitor your systems, some of which can be viewed directly from your phone with smartphone apps; through these, you can get data about your system at a glance, track your energy use and production in real time and more.

  1. Turn on Your New Solar System

Once you’ve been granted PTO, break out the champagne because it’s finally time to fire up your new solar system. We can guide you through each step of the system startup process, offering labeled diagrams, images and descriptions.

Discover for yourself why The Energy Company is often called the kind of solar installation San Diego has been waiting for by calling (888) 503-0805. Solar energy savings has never been so sweet.