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Electric Vehicle Charging Stations


You’re already on the road to energy savings and energy independence. Make EV charging easy with The Energy Companykup system for your home. The ability to leverage a battery backup system for extra power is worth more than sending it for pennies on the dollar.

EV Charging Station


If you have or are considering purchasing an electric vehicle, you’re probably asking questions about how easy or economical it is to charge. The Energy Company provides EV charging station installations with unique offerings specific to different needs. With the right battery charging station for your home, the process for ensuring your electric vehicle has a full charge has never been more simple.

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Wall Outlet Charger


Don’t rely on the manufacturer-provided wall outlet charger. It just won’t cut it.


  • Long charge times
  • Not always suitable for indoor/outdoor use
  • Sometimes requires extensions or adapters
  • Susceptible to damage or malfunction

Switching to Solar


There are some very positive values to a professional EV charging station at your home.

Maximum Charging Speed


Wall outlet and other manufacturer-provided EV chargers won’t provide the performance you need for your car’s daily use. Ensure you have the fastest possible charging speed with one of our custom, unique charging stations.


Charging Where You Want It
Whether you prefer parking your electric vehicle inside or our, our unique charging stations are made for all weather conditions. Don’t invest in a garage if you don’t need to- we’ll put the charging station where you want it.


No More Extension Cords
Our charging stations will be placed in a location most convenient to your vehicle’s parking space, ensuring the cables and station look neat and a natural extension to your driveway or landscaping.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Looking for more information or have a specific question? Check out some common questions and misconceptions with solar energy, solar panels and batteries.


What is a Solar + Battery Storage system?

A Solar + Battery Storage system combines a solar panel system with a battery storage unit. This setup allows you to store excess solar power generated during the day for use during the night or when the sun isn’t shining.


Why should I consider a battery storage system for my solar panels?

A battery storage system can allow you to use your solar-generated power even when the sun is not shining, enhancing your energy independence. It can also provide backup power during grid outages, increasing your home’s resilience.


How does a battery storage system work with solar panels?

When your solar panels produce more electricity than you need, the excess is stored in the battery. When your panels aren’t producing enough electricity, you can draw from the battery instead of drawing power from the grid.


What types of batteries are used for solar storage?

The most common type of battery used in our solar storage systems is Lithium Iron-Phosphate. This is due to its superior chemistry which allows it to operate at lower temperatures, enhancing safety and efficiency.


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