Five Good Reasons to Go Solar

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Five Good Reasons to Go Solar

If you have been contemplating a switch to solar energy, you’ve landed on the right blog. Here, we’re going to provide the five top compelling reasons to go solar, but let us start by saying residential solar energy is one of the fastest-growing sectors in the U.S. economy – and with good reason. What’s more, our research indicates it isn’t slowing down anytime soon, and, in fact, the solar market is exploding at such a breakneck pace that a new solar panel system is installed every four minutes somewhere in this country.

Still, you might be wondering, “But why switch to solar energy? Why is it growing so quickly? What benefits do my neighbors see that I may not?”

We’re going to help you answer these questions that are floating around your mind so you can determine whether switching to solar is right for you. The following represent our picks of the top five reasons you should let a little sun energy into your life.

  1. Possible Savings of Tens of Thousands of Dollars

What if we told you that switching to solar wouldn’t just help you do your part toward reducing carbon footprints (and the yearly check you have to unfortunately send to Uncle Sam), but that it could actually save you enough money to buy some luxury items you always wanted? That’s right – according to research we’ve looked at from One Block Off the Grid, investing in solar panels can yield a monthly cost savings of well over $100, and if you were to extend that savings over a period of two decades, more than $30,000 can be allocated elsewhere…perhaps for that BMW 1 Series you’ve always wanted or fully paying for your kid’s wedding.

  1. You Can Begin Saving Right Now

We get it. Solar panels are an expensive investment up-front. But there are numerous government-subsidized “pay as you go”-style financing options that allow you to reap all the benefits (and savings) of solar energy without having to pay up front. Just to give you an idea of how effective and useful this is to average families, more than 75-percent of all American homes have had access to easy financing options with regard to their solar hardware installation as of June 2013.

  1. Experience a Fast Return on Investment

Pay for your solar system up-front and you won’t have to wait long before you recoup your initial investment. A good example of this is the state of Hawaii, where it takes the average homeowner only 60 months before the monthly savings in electricity costs pay off the entire price tag of their new solar setup.

  1. Save Loads of Cash with Endless Tax Incentives

None of us want to pay a cent more – when it comes to funding the tax division of the government – than what is absolutely necessary, and with a solar investment, you’ll gain unprecedented access to a unique set of tax incentives that will dramatically reduce the amount you owe to the government’s greedy uncle each year. To start with, how about 30-percent of the total solar system costs (both hardware and installation), which equates to a savings of $7,500 on a $25,000 setup? Combine this with local and state rebates/Solar Renewable Energy Credits, and the total cost is quickly cut in half.

  1. Dramatically Increase the Value of Your Home

Homes with solar panels, according to a study conducted by the National Renewable Energy Laboratory, can, on average, sell for more money than homes without them. Need to have this put into perspective? If you currently own a property valued at $200K, you could sell it in less than 52 days for more than $234K.

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