Emerging Trends in Solar Panel Tech

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Emerging Solar Technology

Emerging Trends in Solar Panel Tech

In case you haven’t noticed, the world is changing, and pretty quickly. In the midst of this change is the way we produce and consume energy, a scenario that is evolving just as rapidly and evidenced by the fact that in recent years, there has been growing interest in solar power energy technology with regard to more sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional forms of energy generation. Indeed, solar power brings with it a myriad of advantages over other energy sources, such as its renewable nature and its ability to be used in multiple applications.

In this solar power news blog, we’re going to take a closer look at four of the latest trends in solar tech that are beginning to garner a lot of attention.

Solar Shingles

One of the latest trends in solar technology is the development of solar shingles, a type of photovoltaic solar panel that can actually generate electricity from sunlight. Becoming increasingly popular due to their more aesthetically-pleasing appeal as an alternative to traditional solar panels, solar shingles have also proven more durable and efficient than the classic types.

Portable Solar Chargers

These devices can keep your electronic devices charged when you’re away from home, with various styles and designs of chargers available on the market. From small and lightweight units that can easily be carried in a backpack to larger ones that can charge multiple devices simultaneously, portable solar chargers are now more efficient than ever.

Solar Windows

These windows are transparent and can be used in lieu of traditional glass windows, their surfaces coated with a special film to absorb and store energy from sunlight. Not only can they power electronic devices or heat and cool buildings and homes, they can also assist with reducing the amount of heat that enters a structure – ultimately lowering energy bills.

Solar technology continues to evolve, with many new and innovative products under development. If you are interested in solar power, get in touch with The Energy Company to keep up with the latest trends and to discover why we’re often called the type of solar panel installation San Diego has been waiting for. Call us today at (888) 503-0805.