Tips for Finding the Best San Diego Solar Installers

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Tips for Finding the Best San Diego Solar Installers

Tips for Finding the Best San Diego Solar Installers

Interested in installing solar panels on your San Diego home? You’ve come to the right article. Because such panels are considered a long-term investment, it is important to make sure you thoroughly research local solar providers and find one you can trust to do the job well – and that will fit your particular needs perfectly.

Before we get into all of that, let’s outline the most important qualities you should be looking for in a trusted solar panel installer.

These include:

  • Expertise in the community
  • Proper licenses and insurance
  • Quality solar equipment and materials
  • Comprehensive warranty and guarantee
  • Financing and maintenance options
  • Excellent customer service and communication

How do you figure out your options and pick a company boasting all these characteristics…or at least most of them? Below are our suggestions when it comes to choosing a solar installer the right way.

  • Compile a List of Local San Diego Solar Providers Why go with a local entity like The Energy Company? While national installers are, of course, larger and perhaps more well-known, choosing the right local company allows for a more personalized and overall better experience. Additionally, experience is always more important than company size.

A local company will also more intimately understand California’s rebate options and necessary county permitting requirements, and because community reputation is a huge part of a small business’ success, a local installer will have a more vested interest in providing excellent service.

  • Confirm Credentials Once you have your list of three to five local solar companies, it’s time to verify credentials such as California solar contractor license, bonded and insured workers, how long they’ve been in business, number of solar panels installed and types of roofs they work with.
  • Read Reviews and Ask for Referrals The best way to uncover a company’s reputation in the community is to read reviews on Google, Yelp, Facebook and its own company website. If you seek further verification, you can also ask the company for referrals.
  • Understand the Company’s Financing Options Panels are an investment, so you will most likely need to consider financing options; reputable solar entities will always provide financing options, so find out what they are and compare. Some of the best solar financing option examples include zero down, no out-of-pocket, low interest rates, easy qualification (even for those with bad credit) and overall competitive pricing (so the company is willing to price match or even beat competitor pricing).


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